• Henrik Normann (Chairman)
    • President and CEO at Nordic Investment Bank
    • Member of the board at Syfoglomad Limited,
      Investeringsforeningen Maj Invest, Saga Private Equity and Saxo Bank A/S
  • Karsten Knudsen (Vice Chairman)
    • Chairman of the investment committee at SEED Capital Denmark
    • Member of the board at Vækst-Invest Nordjylland A/S, D/S NORDEN,
      A/S Motortramp, A/S D/S Orients Fond, Obel-LFI Ejendomme A/S,
      Polaris Equity IV Foundation and Velliv Pension og Livsforsikring
  • Birgitte Brinch Madsen
    • Chairman of the board at Rum A/S and Oreco A/S
    • Member of the board at John Wood plc, Arkil Holding A/S, DEIF A/S,
      Investeringsforeningen Danske Invest og Danske Invest Select, 
      Metroselskabet og Hovedstadens Letbane I/S and Holte Fjernvarme a.m.b.a.
  • Christian Herskind
    • Member of the board at Taulov Dryport A/S, Fonden Amager Bakke, Labflex A/S,
      SKAKO A/S, SKAKO Vibration A/S, LM Byg A/S, 
      Su Misura A/S, Fonden Peter Skram,
      BNS A/S, Associated Danish Ports A/S and Pihl & Søn A/S
  • Mads Andersen
    • Chairman of the Industry Group 3F
    • Vice Chairman at CO-industri
    • Member of the board at Industriens Pension
  • Sanne Weidner
    • Director of Legal and Compliance at Daka Denmark A/S
    • Member of the Board at Handelsbanken, Denmark
  • Søren Houman
    • Chief Executive Officer at CBS Executive Fonden
    • Member of the board at Børnelungefonden and N. Zahles Skole
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