Job at Nordsøenheden

At Nordsøenheden, we work in an informal environment characterized by development and change. We are a small employer emphasising effective collaboration and a project-oriented approach.



Main responsibilities

As part of Nordsøenheden you will be able to follow Danish oil and gas production at close range, and you will get a unique insight into the entire value chain - from exploration over development and production to the final sale of the oil and gas recovered.

We are involved in all stages of the licence work and participate in technical, economic, legal and commercial discussions with the operator and other partners about what activities should be initiated. 


How we work

Nordsøenheden works in a complex and changeable environment influenced by strong market participants and political attention. Nordsøenheden offers challenging assignments and a high degree of autonomy.

We work in teams and in interdisciplinary projects and have our overall strategy and objectives of value creation in mind consistently. 

We represent a wide range of educational backgrounds. Together, we provide a robust and broad spectrum of technical and professional competences. 


Unsolicited job applications

As an Independent State Company we can only employ on a permanent basis if applied for vacancies. We therefore do not receive unsolicited applications, as we cannot hire based on these. 



Nordsøenheden has currently no vacancies. 

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